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Magic Pearl Productions

Magic Pearl Productions, founded in 1998 by the renowned German magic artist Harald Behrendt and co-founder Paul Claes, has been a beacon of enchantment in the world of entertainment. Mr. Behrendt, a celebrated magic artist, captivated audiences around the globe with his mesmerizing magic shows throughout the 80s and 90s.
Paul Claes
Paul Claes, co-head of Magic Pearl, joined the company in its inaugural year. A prominent photographer in the 90s, Paul brought a unique perspective to the entertainment industry. In 2000, he transitioned to the role of Artist Director, showcasing his creativity and keen eye for photography in the magical realm of production.
The magic way of entertainment.
The dedication and vision of both Mr. Harald Behrendt and Paul Claes have laid the foundation for Magic Pearl Productions to redefine the magic of entertainment. Their commitment to creating extraordinary experiences has shaped the company's identity and contributed to its continuous evolution.
Magic Pearl Productions stands as a testament to the fusion of talent, creativity, and dedication to the art of entertainment. From its humble beginnings to its current international presence, the company remains committed to bringing magic to audiences worldwide.
We extend our gratitude to Mr. Harald Behrendt and Paul Claes for their pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication, which have paved the way for Magic Pearl Productions to enchant the world through the magic way of entertainment.

In 2003, the company welcomed Joe Mvurah, an accomplished artist manager  and music producer, as the Artist Director. Since Joe Mvurah's arrival,  Magic Pearl Productions has experienced substantial growth, expanding  its influence and presence with numerous offices in various countries.
A culture of people who grow and thrive together!
Our Team and Commitment to Development
At Magic Pearl, we are not just a company; we are a community of experts and entrepreneurs united by an ambitious spirit, a collaborative mindset, and an unwavering passion for client service. Whether you are at the early stages of your professional journey or a seasoned industry veteran, we seek individuals who share our love for the privileged work we do.
Our colleagues form the heartbeat of Magic Pearl, and many have chosen to build their entire careers within our organization. This choice is a testament to our reputation as one of the best places to work in the industry. We cultivate an environment where creativity flourishes, collaboration thrives, and every team member contributes to the success of our shared goals.
Nurturing the Next Generation
Magic Pearl takes great pride in investing in the future of the entertainment industry by fostering the growth of the next generation of agents and entertainment leaders. Our commitment to continuous learning and development is evident through our career development programs, including:
Magic Pearl Agent Training Program
Designed for individuals passionate about the entertainment industry, our Agent Training Program provides a comprehensive and hands-on experience. Participants learn the intricacies of talent management, event production, and the business aspects of the entertainment world.
Internship/Externship Programs
We believe in providing opportunities for hands-on learning. Our internship and externship programs are designed to give aspiring professionals real-world experience in the dynamic field of entertainment. It's a chance to work alongside industry experts and contribute to the success of our projects.
Artists Training Centres
To support the growth of our talent, Magic Pearl has established Artists Training Centres. These centers serve as hubs for skill enhancement, creativity exploration, and collaboration among our artists. We believe in empowering our artists to reach new heights in their careers.
Join the Magic
Whether you're an aspiring agent, a creative mind, or an entertainment enthusiast, Magic Pearl welcomes those who are passionate about making a meaningful impact in the industry. Our tradition of investing in talent development ensures that Magic Pearl remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence.
If you share our commitment to excellence and a love for the magic we create, consider joining Magic Pearl, where careers are not just built but nurtured for a lifetime.

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