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Welcome to Magic Pearl Productions
Established in 1998, Magic Pearl Productions is your gateway to unparalleled live entertainment experiences. Based in Germany and spanning across international borders, we are a full-service event production company with branches in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Ethiopia.
Our Expertise
At Magic Pearl Productions, we specialize in crafting unforgettable live entertainment shows. With a diverse pool of over 2000 artists, including magicians, dancers, musicians, and bands, we bring your events to life with creativity, flair, and unparalleled professionalism.
A Platform for Professionals
We take pride in being a platform for professional artists to elevate their careers. Our network boasts world-class artists from all corners of the globe, providing a stage for talent to shine and thrive.
Full-Service Capabilities
No Event Too Small, No Boundaries Too Vast
Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand spectacle, Magic Pearl Productions is equipped to handle events of all sizes. Our production team is ready to travel anywhere, ensuring that the magic of entertainment knows no bounds.
Full-Service Capabilities
At Magic Pearl Productions, we have full equipment suitable for any event. From sound and lights to decorations, costumes, mobile stages, and catering wagons – we've got you covered. Our comprehensive services ensure a seamless and immersive experience for both performers and audiences.
Our Services
   TV Shows: Let us bring your vision to life with captivating television productions.
   Company Events: Elevate your corporate events with our immersive and engaging entertainment solutions.
   Circus Shows: Experience the wonder and excitement of our expertly curated circus performances.
   Festivals: Make your festivals unforgettable with our diverse range of entertainment options.

   Tours and Booking: We are your full-service agency for organising tours, booking venues, creating publicity, and selling tickets for bands, musicians, theatre groups, and circus shows.

Worldwide Network
Magic Pearl Productions boasts a network of world-class venues and theatres across Europe, ensuring that your event receives the attention and prestige it deserves.
Join Us in Creating Magic
Whether you're planning a corporate event, a festival, or a TV show, Magic Pearl Productions is your partner in creating moments that last a lifetime. Explore our website to discover the endless possibilities of entertainment, and let us turn your vision into reality.

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